Math is like a brain gym and it’s never too early to start !
I hope that your child will have fun with these games, while developing logical mind, quick calculations skills and critical thinking. I created these games for my tutoring students ages 6-15 and they absolutely love their “game” time at the end of each class. The playful approach allows for the repetition needed to polish math skills.


I am a private teacher based in Haifa,Israel.
With Masters in Math and Ph.D. in Computer Science, I have enjoyed a successful 40-year career in math and programming, specializing in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, computational geometry, image and signal processing.
After retiring I found an enormous joy and satisfaction in teaching math and logic to my grandchildren and their friends, and that is how the idea of tutoring came to life. My 6-grade granddaughter May has been my main assistant and beta tester for these online games. I love math and greatly enjoy sharing it with my young students.
To learn more about my teaching approach, check on the classes page.
And if you have any questions/comments about this site or are interested in math tutoring for your kids, feel free to drop a line.

Anna Tolmacheva